April 2019 Income Report

And there was me thinking nothing really happened in March, when along comes April to claim the “nothing to see here” award:

The Figures

  April 2019 March 2019 Change
Monthly Recurring Revenue $4,196 $4,196
Paying customers 54 54
- Personal Plan 15 15
- Startup Plan 28 28
- Corporate Plan 11 11
Unique users on landing page 1,197 1,099
New Free Trial sign ups 14 15
Free Trial sign up rate
New Paying customers 2 1
New Freemium Customers 1 4
Lost Paying Customers 2 1
Free Trial to Paying conversion
Free Trial to Freemium conversion
Profit -£23.97 £12.60

So apparently it’s groundhog month, and Saber operates a strict “one in, one out” policy. The only thing of interest is the lack of profit, as I had to pay my annaul big accounting bill this month.

April got off to a bad start, as I lost one of my top level customers, which always hurts. However, at the end of the month I gained a top level customer, which is a always a great reminder of the value Saber provides.

Revenue & Profit


For once I stuck to my goals of the last month. Even though I didn’t write any blog posts, I did go all in on marketing this month. A customer recommended a Udemy course on PPC advertising to me, which I found to be really insightful. That lead me to a course on landing page optimisation, which ultimately caused me to spend the last week redesigning Saber’s website.

My plan is to launch the redesigned website soon, which, assuming I learned anything from the courses, will increase conversions. After that I’ll start a PPC campaign with my newfound knowledge, and then I’ll conquer the world… of website feedback tools.

I’m actually feeling pretty good about everything. I love to learn new things, and this month has shot a hot load of knowledge all over my brainhole. Now I just need to put all this knowledge into action.

- Matt

P.S. Bonus points for anyone who can guess why I chose the image for the top of this post :)