June 2017 Income Report

I’ll warn you in advance, this isn’t going to be my most interesting update, simply because I had a really busy month, and wasn’t able to focus as much time as I’d have liked on BugMuncher.

On a side note, it’s crazy to think this the 30th part in this series of blog posts, and that it’s approaching 2 years since I started working on BugMuncher full time. But anyway, bring on the numbers!

The Figures

  This Month (June 2017) Last Month Change
Monthly Recurring Revenue $4,420 $4,360 1.38%
Income £4,368.56 £2,565.33 70.3%
Expenses £2,341.81 £4,578.20 41.3%
Average Month on Month Growth 9.3% 9.7% 4.1%
Paying customers 65 65 -
- Personal Plan 21 23 9.5%
- Startup Plan 34 32 6.3%
- Corporate Plan 10 10 -
Unique users on landing page 1,794 1,952 8.1%
New Free Trial sign ups 27 38 28.9%
Free Trial sign up rate 1.5% 1.9% 21.1%
New Paying customers 2 7 71.4%
Lost Paying Customers 2 1 100.0%
Free Trial to Paying conversion 7.4% 18.4% 59.8%
Profit £2,026.75 -£2,012.87 199.3%

As you can see, really not a great month, in fact one of my worst. But unlike April, I don’t feel too down about it. It was a very quiet month, low page views, low signups, low conversions, and low churn. Although there was a very small amount of revenue growth, June felt more like stasis.

On the plus side, expenses are way down, and income and profit are way up. But that’s simply because I didn’t buy a new laptop this month, and an up front payment for 12 months reached my bank account.


Supplier Expense Amount USD
Total £2,341.81
Me Salary £1,942.93 -
Me Home office allowance £57.07 -
Linode Hosting £40.04 $50
Digital Ocean Hosting £8.00 $10.00
SauceLabs Selenium Servers £55.19 $69.00
Pingdom Uptime monitoring £9.95 -
Barnstaple Work Hubs Co-working Space £180 -
Talktalk Internet £37.95 -
O2 Mobile Phone £7.33 -
Co-op Lunch £3.35 -

This was a pretty standard month with expenses, I did buy myself a sandwich again, but it’s been a while since I last did that, and hey, a man’s gotta eat.


Unsurprisingly BugMuncher’s revenue growth has flattened off, and once again the 10% growth target is racing ahead.

Plans for July

I said last time that I’d like to write more blog posts, and I did. One more, and it was only a short one, but I’m calling that a success. I also hoped to launch the public API, and while I have finished the development of it, I haven’t made it live yet, so that’s a job for early July.

Other than that, I’m really not sure what my plans for July are. I feel a bit at a loss at the moment. I’m tempted to revive the custom survey questions update I killed a while back, but I’m also feeling a little burned out on BugMuncher. I might instead try to build a quick MVP of another project I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. A change is as good as a rest after all :)

Thanks for reading

- Matt