Hi, I’m Matt Bearman. I live in Devon, UK with my wife, daughter and 2 cats. I’m the former founder of Saber Feedback, a bootstrapped, one-person startup, which I launched in 2011, and sold in 2020. I’m now a senior Rails engineer at FreeAgent.

This blog contains collected writings covering any subjects of interest to me, which is often technology, programming, music, cars, and just life in general. A lot of these posts I originally wrote and published on Saber Feedback’s blog, but since selling Saber, many of the more personal/off-topic posts have been removed from Saber’s blog, and re-posted here. This does mean a lot of the older posts on this blog contain broken images, links, and styling. I am slowly working through all these old posts and fixing them. Please bear with me 🐻

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This blog uses Jekyll with a modified version of the klisé theme, hosted on Netlify.